Once you have made the decision to have a tipi wedding you now have the fun decisions regarding decorating and styling. Everyone wants to add their own touches, we’ve seen so many amazing styles that mean different things to different people from festival styles, winter wonderlands and country luxe.

Getting ideas together is a good place to start, over to Pintrest we cry! We’ve teamed up with industry experts and created Pintrest boards and galleries to get your inspiration going, they are filled with different designs and styling ideas. So what’s it to be? buntings? Rustic florals? vintage? Bright lights? Rose golds and coppers….. we could go on! The world is your oyster when it comes to designing your tipi wedding, don’t limit yourself, we can’t wait to see and hear about your ideas!

If there is a board you want to see, then drop us a message on one of our social media sites and we can help add ideas to your board and you can help us create a bigger and better portfolio of ideas.